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Watch all your favourite programs from anywhere in Australia on Austar, Foxtel, free-to-air channels and VAST digital channels with this kit.

Motorhome with satellite mounted on tripod High performance dish on tripod

Why is this the best kit in Australia?

  1. We only use the best components
  2. We provide free technical support
  3. You get the best value for money

I have been involved with satellite TV for 20 years and know more about this technology than most people you will come across. As a caravanner myself, I have devised a perfect and affordable kit for you. This kit will enable you to receive crystal clear digital TV and radio everywhere in Australia. When you purchase a kit, you simply plug in the set top box and align your dish to the Optus C1 / D3 satellite. It only takes 5 minutes to set up. You will be able to watch all the Australian free to air channels.

This kit is compatible with Foxtel Satellite and Austar.

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For details of kit options check out the Satellite Kit page.

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