Frequently Asked Questions

How good is the satellite TV picture on my TV?

You’ll be receiving crystal clear digital TV and radio everywhere in Australia. No snowy pictures, no ghosting, nothing but a perfect digital picture and sound every time no matter what type of TV set you have.

Do I need a special TV set to watch satellite TV?

No, but the better the TV set, the more you will enjoy the picture and sound quality from the satellite.

What's the monthly subscription fee for Free-To-Air TV?

Absolutely nothing, there are no monthly fees to pay at all.

I have poor TV reception, will this free-to-air satellite TV kit solve my problems?

Yes, you will receive perfect television and radio reception from all the satellite TV channels no matter where you are in Australia.

What size dish do I need?

I recommend a dish size of 70 - 80cm.

How do I know where to point the dish?

That’s the easy bit, just look up the list which I provide and point the dish using the compass provided in the kit.

Do I receive all the free to air channels just like at home?

Yes, you will receive all the Australian free to air channels.

Can I use this equipment at home?

Yes. The same equipment can be used whether you are travelling or at home. If at home you can erect a dish on your roof, pole or tripod on the ground.

Can I watch other TV channels from other satellites?

Yes, there are hundreds of TV channels on other satellites, just ask me.

It sounds so easy, is it really?

Yes it is, that’s why so many travellers in caravans, motorhomes and 5th wheelers are buying my satellite TV kit.

Can I use the kit to receive pay TV channels?

Yes, provided that you have a legal pay tv subscription card.

Can I install it myself?

The kit is designed for a handy person to install it them self. Alternatively, I’ll be happy to install it and explain how to use it on the Gold Coast, Qld for a fee starting from $100.

How much power does the satellite receiver need?

Very little, in fact only 2 Amps. This amounts to less than half of what your TV set uses.

How do I connect the satellite dish to the satellite receiver?

We supply a custom length of quad shielded and waterproofed cable to an external thru-the-wall fitting. We also provide you with a cable to connect the internal thru-the-wall fitting to the satellite receiver using crimped F-connectors which screw into the satellite receiver making an excellent tight connection. All external connectors are sealed with a waterproof self-amalgamating tape.

What type of cable connectors are used?

We only supply top quality crimped F-connectors. Cheap push-on or screw-on connectors are useless and will work themselves loose in no time at all.

What does this Sat. TV kit cost?

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