Satellite Kit

The Satellite TV kit

The premium kit will give you everything you need to receive the free-to-air TV and radio stations. The kit contains:

VAST Digital satellite set-top box 12V or 240V Yes
SmartCard Yes
High performance Satellite Dish + LNB Yes
Compass Yes
Satellite Finder Yes
Cables & Connectors Yes
Setup Instructions Yes
Dish Coordinates Manual Yes
Free Technical Support Yes
Price (excl. p&h) from $699

Optional Extras

The tripod enables you to position the dish in any convenient position to avoid trees and other obstacles which may obstruct pointing the dish at the satellite. Our custom built, lightweight tripods can slide into a PVC tube of 150mm for easy storage and transportation.

Having installed hundreds of satellite kits in every imaginable caravan and motorhome, our experience is that an average installation will take approximately 1 hour.

Custom tripod $100
Installation (Gold Coast only) from $100

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